Customer FAQ

Q:  How do I go about getting an estimate from you?
   A:  It’s easiest to use our online estimate request form (LINK). We like it when you are detailed with your thoughts, ideas, and which parts you want custom painted. If you would like us to call you please let us know, otherwise we will email an estimate back to you.  Feel free to give us a call for an estimate if you would prefer. (541)-359-3340

Q:  Who pays for shipping?
    A:  Our estimates generally include domestic return shipping of your parts back to you. If you need to receive your items sooner than typical ground shipping, we are happy to provide you with a quote for expedited shipping at any point.

Q:  How do I make payments and what is due when?
    A:  Payments can be made with a check (either certified or personal), credit or debit card, or money transfer.  We are happy to take payment over the phone or through our secure website.  A $500 down payment is required for most jobs with the balance being due prior to us shipping back your parts.

Q:  How do I know I am going to get what I want?
    A:  Since the majority of our customers never make it to our shop in person, we have worked very hard over the years to make our communication process as seamless as possible.  We are available to talk to you about your project all along the way from your first thoughts to the final steps in the process.  We are happy to provide sketches and color cards as needed.  Once your parts arrive, you will receive login credentials for your own personal gallery where you can follow the paint process along.  You will see pictures of all the steps your parts go through from prep, base, initial layout and design through final pictures of your parts before they are packed up. You are encouraged to ask questions as we go and provide feedback as needed. The last thing we want is for you to get back something other than what you had in mind. The only surprise we want you to have upon taking your parts out of the packaging is how amazing they look in person (even better than the pictures)!

Q:  Do you offer tear down and assembly?
    A:  Yes, we can do a complete tear down and reinstall of your parts when we are finished.

Q:  What kind of warranty do you have?
    A:  Our Show Finish has a limited warranty of five (5) years, while our Factory Finish carries a three (3) year warranty. Details of the warranties can be seen here

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At Cutting Edge Illusions we understand that accidents happen on the road of life, especially if you’re traveling that road in your RV. We are no strangers to expertly dealing with aesthetic damage caused by an assortment of unfortunate scenarios such as: sideswiping a tree branch in a RV park, accidentally backing into a pole, clipping the edge of a guardrail, etc. We have the experience and talent necessary to repair the exterior damage caused to your RV so that you may lay your worries to rest and once again explore the country with pride in your home away from home.

With over 17,000 square feet of dedicated paint facilities and three 55 foot long coach paint booths, Cutting Edge Illusions is built to take care of your RV or camper trailer. From drop off to pick-up, your unit will be kept indoors and all work will be completed in our shop and in one of our paint booths. We have climate control in our booth that allows us to apply paint at the correct temperature all year around ensuring a long lasting finish.

We paint it all.