Customer FAQ

Here are quick answers to some of the most frequent questions we get. For some items, we have links to more thorough explanations.

Q:  How long will I be without my parts?
    A:  This depends somewhat on the size of the job (both number of parts and complexity of the design) as well as how busy we are here in the shop. We work on projects in the order in which we receive them. During our slower seasons of July-December, we will usually get to work on your parts within a day or two of arrival. However, late winter through the spring gets very busy for us, and your parts may have to “wait in line” to get started for a week or two. Once your parts are in process, most Show Finish jobs take 3-5 weeks to complete (the shorter end for smaller bikes or those with less complex designs and the longer end for bigger, more complex jobs). Factory Finish jobs are generally completed in 2-3 weeks.

Q:  How much does custom paint cost?
    A: Estimates are based on the size of your bike/number of parts, amount of bodywork, and the extent and detail of the paint job. A down payment will be required before work is begun and the remainder of the bill will be due upon completion. Our estimates are straightforward without hidden charges (lip seals and fender undercoating comes standard). Design changes along the way can affect the final price and we will work to inform you how your changes will affect your pricing.  Contact us for pricing information specific to your bike model and design preferences. (LINK)

Q:  How do I go about getting an estimate from you?
   A:  It’s easiest to use our online estimate request form (LINK). We like it when you are detailed with your thoughts, ideas, and which parts you want custom painted. If you would like us to call you please let us know, otherwise we will email an estimate back to you.  Feel free to give us a call for an estimate if you would prefer. (541)-359-3340

Q:  Who pays for shipping?
    A:  Our estimates do not include shipping either way.  We can give you an estimate on return shipping based on the number and size of parts in your project as well as your location if you would like at any point.  We will add the shipping charges to your final invoice.

Q:  How do I make payments and what is due when?
    A:  Payments can be made with a check (either certified or personal), credit or debit card, or money transfer.  We are happy to take payment over the phone or through our secure website. (LINK)  A $500 down payment is required for most jobs with the balance being due prior to us shipping back your parts.

Q:  How do I know I am going to get what I want?
    A:  Since the majority of our customers never make it to our shop in person, we have worked very hard over the years to make our communication process as seamless as possible.  We are available to talk to you about your project all along the way from your first thoughts to the final steps in the process.  We are happy to provide sketches and color cards as needed.  Once your parts arrive, you get a gallery where you can follow the paint process along.  You will see pictures of all the steps your parts go through from prep, base, initial layout and design through final pictures of your parts before they are packed up. You are encouraged to ask questions as we go and provide feedback as needed. The last thing we want is for you to get back something other than what you had in mind. The only surprise we want you to have upon taking your parts out of the packaging is how amazing they look in person (even better than the pictures)!

Q:  Do you offer tear down and assembly?
    A:  Yes, we will do a complete tear down and reinstall your parts when we are finished. Although most of our work is Internet based, we do have a lot of customers from Oregon, Washington, and California that have us do this work for them.  

Q: What is the difference between Factory Finish and Show Finish?
    A:  Our Factory Finish service is intended for those who want a new look but don't need the customization or meticulous detail of a show finish. Our Show Finish is completely customizable and, as the name suggests, done to the highest of standards and up for competing in and winning shows. You can see a full service comparison here.

Q:  What kind of warrantee do you have?
    A:  Our Show Finish has a limited warrantee of five (5) years, while our Factory Finish carries a two (2) year warrantee. Details of the warrantees can be seen here. 

Q:  How do I pack my parts?
    A:  Packing up and shipping your parts across the country can be a bit unnerving, but if care is taken, your parts will arrive here without a problem. A link to our shipping guidelines page will give you specific guidance. The key is to have the parts all wrapped in a protective layer and snugly nestled in your box to avoid banging together while in transit.

Q:  Should I let my paint cure before I put my bike back together so the paint doesn’t chip or crack when I bolt it down?
    A:  Bolt and go! Your parts are ready to be installed immediately. It is perfectly safe to start putting your bike back together without worrying about damaging your new custom paint job. When installing the parts be careful not to over tighten on your new clear, however. We recommend using Loctite on the threads and tightening the absolute minimum necessary to prevent movement. Over tightening can result in severe damage to the clear coat.

Q:  How soon can I ride my newly painted set?
    A:  Your new paint will have enough protection to ride as soon as you receive it. The only thing you don’t want to do for at least 12 weeks is wax it because the wax will trap solvents in the paint and dull your finish.


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DUE TO CONTINUED STAFFING SHORTAGES OUR LEAD TIMES ARE EXTREMELY LONG AND MAY TAKE OVER A YEAR FOR SOME PROJECTS. CURRENTLY WE ARE LIMITING THE NUMBER OF NEW PROJECTS WE ACCEPT. Nothing quite exemplifies freedom like the ability to customize the look and feel of your motorcycle or power sports toys to better represent who you are. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade the aesthetics of your ride in the form of customized saddlebags, a stretched fender, unique lighting, or with an incredible new paint job, Cutting Edge Illusions has you covered. Allow us to help you personalize your motorcycle, car, truck, boat, razor, quad, bicycle, or any other toy by utilizing our services to represent the breadth of your individuality in the form of an impressive finished product. Let your creativity be your guide so that you may truly ride free.

We offer both factory finishes and shows finishes and a range of design levels from our simple catalog of two color economy designs to our truly extraordinary sick and extreme designs.

We can also repair damage to the body or finish of your motorcycle, truck, car, or power sports toys. From a scratch to a crash we can get your stock or custom finished motorcycle, car, truck, or power sports equipment looking new again.

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