Factory Finish vs Show Finish

Factory Finish and Economy Designs

Our factory finish service is intended for those who want a new look but don't need the customization or meticulous detail of a show finish. Three coats of clear are applied and no sanding or buffing is done. The finish is bright and shiny with a slight texture in the clear similar to what you would expect on a new vehicle. Each design is hand prepped and painted to fit and flow with your parts. You may also choose one of the logos from the gallery to replace you stock tank logo at no extra cost. Solid and two color blends start at $277 on a single part and designs start at $430. Click on the request an estimate link to get a price for your specific project.

If you need the flexibility to customize your design and want a full service paint experience then our show finish service is what you are looking for. Show level designs can be completed with a factory finish upon request.

Show Finish and Show Designs

Our show finish serivce is intended for those who want the very best in custom paint. Whether your bike is a daily rider or a show winning trailer bike, our show finish quality will have you winning trophies and making a statement. We use the very best materials and techniques combined with our talented and caring team to bring you a finish second to none. Show Finish projects get a second application of three coats of clear and a full sand and buff leaving the clear smooth as glass with no edges from graphics or logos. To go with the fabulous paint, our Show Finish service also provides the best in customer support including design consultations, as needed, a private process picture gallery where you can follow your parts through their journey and the highest level of personal attention throughout your project.  

Show Finish designs can be completely custom, a design from our gallery, or a combination of designs and colors from our gallery or your own collection. The gallery is meant to inspire your creativity and provide a starting point for budget and style. The drop down menus can be used to help you navigate the gallery. 



Overall The Factory Finish is intended for those who want a new look but do not need a show quality finish or a customized, one-off design. This service provides a paint finish that is as good as or better than any finish done at the factory. The look is fresh and unique without the extra time and expense needed to take it to a show level. The Show Finish is intended for those who want the very best in custom paint. Whether your bike is a daily rider or a show winning trailer bike, our show quality finish will have you winning trophies. The Show Finish uses the very best in materials and techniques to bring you a finish that is second to none. This service also provides the very best in customer support including design consultations, a private process picture gallery, and personal attention throughout your project.
Process Parts are shipped to our facility. Designs and colors are selected from the catalog. Paint work is completed in 10-14 business days, depending on the complexity of the design, final pictures are posted and the parts are shipped back. Parts are shipped to our facility. Design calls and email exchanges are conducted to finalize custom design. Sketches are provided as needed. Project gallery is populated throughout the process and feedback is provided along the way. Final pictures are posted and parts are shipped back. Project time can vary depending on design but is typically 21-28 business days.
Art Work The Economy designs are simple and single layer. Design and colors are chosen from the Economy design gallery. Economy designs are not customized beyond color. Logos can also be selected from the catalog and added in a design color to replace original tank badges at no additional fee. Any design can be done in the Show Finish line from the very clean with lots of depth to the extremely complex with multiple layers. Designs are all hand done and can be completely custom tailored to your preference
Finish The clear coat is bright and shiny but will have some texture similar to any paint finish directly from a factory. Subtle edges caused by artwork can be felt in the clear coat. The artwork is clean and professional but may contain minor imperfections when examined closely. The clear coat is smooth and flat like a glass finish. No artwork edges can be felt or detected in the clear. All of the artwork goes through an extensive detail process to eliminate 99.9% of the imperfections that can occur during the paint process including any bleed, blow-outs, or misplaced metallics.
Warranty The final finish is durable benefiting from a UV protectant clear coat and clear coat thickness that exceeds standard OEM finishes. Factory Finishes are covered by a limited 3 year warranty. The final finish is very durable and benefits from UV protectant clear and two applications of final clear leaving plenty of thickness to sand and buff out minor scratches. Show Finishes are covered by a 5 year limited warranty.




Adhesion Promoter x x
Prime & Sand Flat x x
Seal and base    
Single and Two Color Blends x x
Choose your colors x x
Kandies, metallics and pearls x x
Flakes and Prisms   x
Simple Logos x x
Single color Airbrush or Graphics x x
Customized Art   x
Multi-color artwork   x
Intercoat Clears and Sanding   x
Hand Layout Graphics   x
Weaving, cross-overs, 3D effects   x
Show Quality    
Detailing   x
Final Clear    
3 coats x x
Intercoat Sanding   x
Second 3 coats   x
Contaminate Removal x  
Multi-grit Sanding   x
Polish   x
Buff   x



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